1946, the year in which Mr. Pablo Jimenez Camarena founded a small laboratory with the name of "Laboratorios Sophia" (in honor of his mother), located in a downtown setting in the city of Guadalajara may seem very remote.

Time and generations have passed by, but our founder's vision remains current. Today, more than sixty eight years later, we have become a leading laboratory in the field of ophthalmic medication, research and innovation.

Laboratorios Sophia has branches in more than sixteen countries in the American continent, and its organization is composed by more than 500 people serving the industry.

Several pages could be written about the history of Laboratorios Sophia, from the exciting days of Pablo Jiménez Camarena, from the strategic path to modernity under the direction of Arturo Jiménez Bayardo to the dynamic globalization days we now live in. 

It is simply fascinating to remember our past; however, we can bearely stop to think about it since we find something even more important for us: the future.

The future involves preparation and commitment, and we are ready to face it. Outstanding during the last century, renewed and transformed for the 21st century, Laboratorios Sophia is aware of the fact that the its employees are the most important of its resources. Thus, we have a team of extremely well-prepared and truly motivated professionals committed towards the achievement of objectives. Additionally, our organization is dynamic and our resource management practices are exceptional, which allow us to carry out our mission on a daily basis. 

In order to stay in the edge of competitiveness, we have invested resources in infrastructure, research and development, as well as in training and learning programs which integrate our investments in capital, products and human resources. The result is a laboratory with a national leading position and a position as a main competitor in Latin America, highly renowned among the ophthalmic medicine community. 

A clear example of our constant commitment towards excellence is the construction of our new manufacturing plant, a world level high standard state of the art corporate lab. This lab will be ready to be present in all markets of the globe, which along with an international work crew and its innovative products, define the guidelines for the upcoming decades. 

We are ready to deal with this promising future which we wish to build together with all our collaborators, clients and shareholders with a single goal: To contribute to the visual health of the world.

Kind regards 

Jorge E. González G. 

Corporative Vice-President