Social and corporate commitment

Our ongoing commitment GTP

The present and future involve an even greater preparation and commitment every day, nevertheless, we are ready to face it. At Sophia, our commitment is to keep generating high competitiveness.

For this reason, we continue making large investments in infrastructure, R&D, and training/ learning programs, in this way, we cover three main development areas: capital, product and human capital.

Mission and Values


To provide health and welfare to the human eye by developing and marketing innovative drugs, technologies and services for the benefit of eye care professionals and patients in a way that both shareholders benefit from value gain and our employees improve their quality of life within a context of social development.


Our vision is to earn a reputation as the best option in the ophthalmic market for Mexico and Latin America and to promote international trade.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to keep process-based culture that creates continuous improvement in products and services across the organization, as per the major international standards.



  • Integrity: Someone you can trust.
  • Loyalty: An obligation you have with others, it means to return the favor.
  • Ethics: To do good, always.
  • Innovation: Turning ideas into products, processes or services.
  • Quality: Excellence in what you do.
  • Humanism: to be people with people.

Social Responsibility

To Laboratorios Sophia, social responsibility is a commitment and we deem it as part of our business vision integrating both economic development and common good, based on lawfulness and respect for each and every one of our stakeholders.

Quality of Life

At Laboratorios Sophia, we know the important role of our people as part of the development and success of our company. For this reason, we focus on creating a setting encouraging personal and professional development by promoting a high competitiveness spirit in which the effort and work of everyone be acknowledged.

Business Ethics

Laboratorios Sophia operates in an ethical and transparent way. Integrity, loyalty, innovation, quality, humanism, among other values are the basis of everything we do as individuals and as a company.

Care for and Preservation of the Environment

The national certification "Clean Industry" we hold since 2004 reflects a part of our commitment to our planet. Besides, we ensure that all activities and actions of our processes aim towards the care for and protection of the environment.

Our Community

The responsibility to the community is critical to our organization. We promote Ophthalmology with scientific and technological support, and elaborate drugs with the highest standards of quality at affordable prices. Through Corporate Foundations, the critical issues of our community are addressed by promoting the institutional strengthening of civil society organizations (CSOs) dedicated to community welfare.

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